What Companies are Doing for Holiday Parties During Pandemic

One of the hallmarks of the holiday season is the company Christmas party, but with the COVID-19 pandemic in hyperdrive, many companies are rethinking their plans. A number of businesses have cancelled their parties altogether, but other managers feel that in light of this very difficult year for many people, a company Christmas party might be just what employees need to lift their spirits for a while. On the other hand, with the Centers for Disease Control even recommending that people not get together for family celebrations like Thanksgiving and Christmas, an office party would completely go against those recommendations.…

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12 Safety Tips for the Holidays

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While the two most common days for home fires are Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, fire officials encourage everyone to make safety a top priority during the entire holiday season. This item offers fire prevention and safety tips for you, your family and guests. The primary cause of holiday house fires is cooking, followed by heating. The increased use of candles over Christmas and on New Year's Eve increases the risk of fire even further. Here are some helpful tips to stay safe this holiday season: Turn all lights off. When using any decorative lights in or around the house…

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