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Use Life Insurance to Pay Off High-Interest Accounts Like Credit Cards

Save potentially thousands and thousands of dollars in interest while making thousands of dollars? Sounds too good to be true right? And you know what they say about that. But hear me out in this video. It really is true and I can help you accomplish paying off your high-interest debt while still earning interest on your life insurance policy.   Watch more of my videos from our Facebook page here.

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Why You Should Consider Disability Insurance

What would happen if you were permanently injured or became too ill to work? You might qualify for disability payments from Social Security, but would you be able to survive on the average payout of $1,171 per month? Maybe you have some savings, but would it be adequate to cover your living expenses until you're old enough to collect retirement benefits? If you answered "no" to either of these questions, you should consider buying disability insurance. Disabilities are surprisingly common: One in three women and one in four men will have a disability that keeps them out of work for…

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Adult Children on Your Policies Can Create Coverage Gaps

These days, many families are assisting their adult children financially far longer than parents of earlier generations. And that kind of support for college, and sometimes basic survival, can create insurance coverage gaps for the adult child that can be a major risk to their parents' financial wellbeing. If you have an adult child who is still financially dependent on you in some way, it's critical that you secure appropriate insurance coverage. Issues that will affect coverage include if they are a full- or part-time student, where they live and how old they are. Homeowner's insurance Under a homeowner's policy,…

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Fender-benders – Your Guide to Minor Accidents

It can easily happen. You misjudge the space when making a turn in close traffic or in a parking lot and you tap another car's rear bumper. The other driver gets out his car and appears unhurt. He inspects the bumper and says "Let's just forget about it." You agree and go on your merry way. A few weeks later, however, your insurance company informs you that the man is suing you for lost wages, neck injuries and pain and suffering. Where did you go wrong? The so-called accident was only a tiny tap that barely scratched paint. There couldn't…

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Medicare Changes Take Aim at Drug Costs, Push Telemedicine

A series of changes to Medicare programs may lead to lower drug prices for some Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage enrollees, expand services to include transportation and telemedicine, and bring hospice benefits to Medicare Advantage patients. Drug plan changes Under the Part D Payment Modernization initiative, the Center for Medicare Services is revising the way Medicare compensates private insurers, with the intent of increasing competition and creating incentives for companies to lower drug prices and reduce costs for plan enrollees. Under the current system, once a patient's spending reaches the "catastrophic" threshold, Medicare picks up 80% of the cost…

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