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Long-term care is probably the third most important type of life and health insurance you can buy. 

We all know we’re going to need life insurance at some point. We also know we’re going to use our medical insurance. But did you know you have a better than 70 percent chance of needing long-term care insurance? Yeah, 70 percent. It’s a fact.

Here are the problems with long term care, in a nut shell. It is extremely expensive: $7,000-$10,000 a month (or more in some cases). Who can afford that? Even if you can, how long can you pay? Why would you even want to pay that kind of expense? 

Smart shoppers buy long-term care in their 40s and 50s when the cost of the policy is extremely reasonable. In most cases, you’ll even enjoy tax-deductible premiums. You should also consider packaging your long-term care insurance with your life insurance. 

Long-term care doesn’t mean you’re going to spend your life in a nursing home. What it means is you’re going to give yourself options when it comes to your care and you won’t have to liquidate your life savings to pay for it. 

Want to stay at home? Long-term care can make sure you can. Without it, when the money runs out, you go where they tell you. Do you want to make sure your children don’t have to take care of you? Long-term care will make sure they won’t. 

Let’s face it, no parents want their children to change them, feed them, groom them, and give them a bath. I know my dad doesn’t. That’s why he has a policy. And that’s also why I bought my own policy at 43 years old.

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Finding insurance is hard, tedious work. It’s bad enough that you’ll be on everyone’s email list after filling out your personal information multiple times. Even worse is having to pour through and understand the gobbledygook written by corporate lawyers. And how do you compare apples to oranges? Premier Insurance Services is here to help. Just give us your information once. We’ll compare prices, benefits, services, and the best fit across multiple companies. We do all the work. You get the best possible price and fit.

Do you know the big difference between captive and independent agents? Captive agents have limited options; they can only offer you their own plans, whether they’re a good match or not. Premier is an independent agency. We have relationships with dozens of carriers who have access to hundreds of policies. With Premier, nearly the entire insurance industry is available to you. We’re the right choice, because we give you the most choices. Let our 25 years of building relationships work for you. 

You might be asking, “What the heck is value-based pricing?” Good question. Is it getting the most features for the price… or the best reputation for the price… or maybe its getting faster service, more locations, or unique options. What we mean by it is this: you will get the right coverage at the best price. No more, no less. And with that comes the peace of mind in knowing you’ll be made whole if anything should happen. That’s value-based pricing. 

We all believe we have the right coverage. But how can you be sure? It’s likely your agent gave you the best possible advice and coverage he could. But it’s just as likely that your agent wasn’t able to compare all the companies that see you as their perfect client. Insurance carriers look for certain types of risks…if you fit their particular sweet spot, they can’t be beat. If not, then you’ve been sold a cookie cutter policy that’s costing you a lot more than it should. At Premier, we will find the carrier that sees you as its sweet spot. Our reputation is built on that promise.

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