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Teens Drinking at Parties = Insurance Issues

As the new school year starts and high schoolers get into the groove of hanging out with friends, they may go to parties after their school football games on weekends. Unfortunately, these events often become occasions for teenagers to drink alcohol. Teens at unsupervised parties risk harming themselves and others when they drink. Parents of the kids that throw these parties (with or without their parents' knowledge or consent) may bear responsibility for what happens there - and for injuries or damages occurring after the guests leave. While their homeowner's liability coverage may cover any financial damages, the circumstances of…

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Beware: Medicare Doesn’t Cover Everything

Many retirees get an unpleasant surprise after turning 65 and signing up for Medicare: It doesn't provide complete coverage of health care costs. In fact, there are some very large gaps that can be financially devastating to ordinary Americans. A recent study from Fidelity estimated that the average 65-year-old married couple would need about $280,000 in savings to cover out-of-pocket costs, including Medicare deductibles, copays, prescription drugs, Medicare premiums, dental and vision care. Deductibles and copays Part A Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) still exposes you to the following deductibles, as of 2019: Inpatient hospital deductible: $1,364Daily out-of-pocket hospital costs…

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Don’t Miss Medicare Open Enrollment!

Don't miss the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, which, for those of you who are already enrolled, begins October 15th and runs until December 7th. That's the only time a Medicare beneficiary can ordinarily make changes to his or her existing plan, or enroll in Medicare Advantage (Part C) or the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). However, your open enrollment period can vary depending on your specific circumstances. Turning 65 this year? If you are turning 65 this year and you are not already eligible because of a specific medical issue that may qualify you at an earlier age, then…

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Will Your Insurance Protect You from a Facebook Lawsuit?

Social media has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. What many people don't understand are the unique risks that come along with social networking. Anyone using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social networking site should exercise extreme caution in what they decide to say online. As an example, in 2013 a teenager in Florida sued some of her classmates and their parents, accusing the classmates of bullying and humiliating her in a Facebook group. In another case from 2015, a 14-year-old California girl sued her classmates - and their parents - for setting up a…

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Medicare Offers Weight Loss Program for Eligible Participants

As Americans age, it is important for them to stay as healthy as possible. Diet choices and exercise routines are easy to ignore after retirement. People often eat less or eat fewer nutrient-packed foods after they retire. But it's not always easy, particularly if someone is not as active as they were when they were working. Because of expanding wastelines health insurance companies and health organizations across the country are promoting the importance of healthy weight loss for people who are retired or nearing retirement. Medicare has also joined in the fight against obesity and its related diseases by offering…

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Protect Your Officers with Drive Other Car Coverage

Linda is a junior partner in a law firm and drives a car that the firm owns and insures. The firm's auto insurance covers her as a partner and she doesn't own another car, so she sees no need to have her own policy.   Most of the time, this is not a problem. However, spring break comes and she takes her kids to DisneyWorld. She rents a car at the Orlando airport and never gives a thought to whether her firm's insurance will cover her if she has an accident with the rental. In this case, a phone conversation…

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Don’t Overlook Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Imagine it's a typical summer day. You own a 30,000-square-foot office building that is 85 percent occupied. And the air conditioning and ventilation systems stop working. The outside temperature is in the 90s and the humidity is high. It doesn't take long before the tenants start to complain. The contractor you hire determines that an electrical arc fried the circuit board that controls the environmental systems. The board must be replaced, but it will take up to five business days for it to arrive. In the meantime, the building is unfit for people to work in, and the leases oblige…

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Having a Baby? It’s Time to Renew All of Your Insurance.

Expecting a baby is one of the most joyous experiences in life.  As you prepare your nursery, don't forget to talk to your insurance agent to make sure your coverage reflects the change in your growing family.  Below are a few pointers.  Health insurance  Before your baby is even born, review your coverage and make sure you understand how your plan covers your new family member, as well as the mother's needs during pregnancy. Think about prenatal vitamins, prenatal screenings and neo-natal tests, delivery of your baby, and pediatric care for your newborn. Notify your insurance carrier. Generally, health insurance carriers ask…

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